Information on Cabrera

The island of Cabrera is the main island in the archipelago of the same name, Cabrera Archipelago, located opposite the south coast of Majorca. Military presence since 1916 has meant the area avoided encroaching tourism, meaning the privileged ecosystem has been preserved to date, now, since 1991, part of the Cabrera Archipelago Maritime-Terrestrial National Park.

It has an extremely reduced coastline, with a 39 kilometre perimeter and immensely beautiful cliffs and other coastal features such as: capes, coves, sand and pebble beaches, and magnificent coastal caves such as Sa Cova Blanca. The most notable cliff faces are in Na Picamosques  to the SW at 172 m, Cabo Ventós (120 m) to the NE and Punta Anciola (99m) to the far south.

The local climate is semi-arid Mediterranean, with an annual average temperature of 18ºC, slightly above the temperature on the near Majorcan coast, and with reduced rainfall at an average 350 mm.

Flora and Fauna
The seabirds, such as the Balearic shearwater, Audouin seagull, cory shearwater and the European shag, as well as the birds of prey such as the osprey, the sea hawk (Eleonora's falcon) and the peregrine falcon are highlights and one of the most important values at the park. To this we should add the passage of over 130 migratory bird species.

The most characteristic vegetation on Cabrera is scrubland with wild olives and juniper, although some areas are home to pine trees. The Llampúdol bord stands out – a native scrub to the Balearic Islands only seen on Majorca, Menorca and Cabrera.

For more information, please visit the Cabrera National Park Official Website

Navigation permission must be applied for to go to Cabrera in your own vessel, available from the National Park management. All natural resources are protected and, therefore, no sports fishing or hunting is allowed; nor can natural products be collected or any mineral be extracted. To obtain permission to visit Cabrera, you need to access the following link:

Authorisation application form

 Tel. 971 17 76  41

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