The Club Quality And Environment Policy

Quality And Environment Policy

CLUB NÀUTIC SA RÀPITA is a marina located in an enclave of unrivalled ecological value which borders the unspoilt beaches of southern Mallorca, looking directly across the waters out to the Cabrera Archipelago National Park. Since its construction in the 1970s, the Club has been regularly updated to meet the needs and expectations of its members and users. It currently has 436 moorings in the water and 60 in the dry marina, as well as a dry dock, a fuel supply station, a sailing school, a regatta organisation and various nautical and catering services, among others.

Aware of the fact that continuous improvement requires a management system based on quality and environmental protection criteria, we have implemented an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System based on the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as well as the UNE 188004 standard for tourist services in nautical sports facilities, for the following services: Management of moorings and stores, dry dock service, fuel supply to boats, organisation and execution of nautical and sporting regattas, sailing school and membership management.

The correct implementation and application of the System requires the involvement of employees at all levels of the Organisation, ranging from Management staff to all those who work at the Club, who are required to adopt the following commitments:

  • To provide the Organisation with the appropriate human and technical resources to ensure Quality in the management of our services while always seeking to secure the maximum satisfaction of our users.

  • To establish the necessary technical and economic means in order to prevent pollution and reduce the environmental impact of our processes on the surrounding area through efficient consumption of resources, correct waste management and the application of environmental sustainability criteria.

  • To comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that we are bound by and those which we assume voluntarily.

  • To encourage the execution of nautical and sporting activities or those of a social nature that promote the Club and tourism in the local area.

  • To improve internal management processes and to create a favourable working environment by training and motivating staff in their professional and personal development, as well as improving their predisposition to working as part of a team.

  • To define a set of specific annual objectives related to Quality and Environmental Issues which affect all the activities of the Organisation, while helping to ensure the Continuous Improvement of the Club.

  • To revise the Policy on an annual basis to ensure its relevance and continued alignment with the aims and objectives of the Organisation.

The CLUB NÀUTIC SA RÀPITA management has full faith that all Club employees will strive to adhere to and raise awareness of this policy.

Sa Ràpita, 1 June 2021

Pau Lladó Alcover