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The Setting

The Club borders the Salobrar de Campos Maritime-Terrestrial National Park. It is one of the most iconic natural settings of the Balearic Islands and one of the most ecologically valuable natural systems of Mallorca and the entire Mediterranean coastline. Its biological and geographical characteristics make it a first class natural space in terms of its landscape and ecological and natural richness.

The Club also looks out across the water to the island of Cabrera. Cabrera was declared a maritime-terrestrial national park in 1991 due to its sizeable colonies of seabirds, endemic species and one of the best preserved seabeds anywhere on the national coastline.

The Club’s coordinates are as follows:
Latitude= 39º 21' N
Longitude= 02º 57' E

You can see where we are by searching for C.N. La Ràpita on Google Maps